Monday, February 14, 2005

Last Longest Run Prior To KLIM

This morning at 5.35am, we started our 30km run organised by the Pacesetters Athletics Club Malaysia (PACM). About 200 runners turned up for the run. I would consider this as an overwhelming response as I believe some city folks have yet to come back from their hometowns. Furthermore, it was raining cat and dog since 1am. Everyone was soaking wet yet nobody was complaining. That's runners!

I did not sleep well last night. In fact, I did not sleep at all. But I'm fine with it as I believe once a while, we need to train our body to prepare to run under such circumstances.

I started cautiously as I did not have a proper warm-up and stretching due to the rain. Nevertheless, as I ran on, my pace was getting faster. I tried to maintain my pace at 5' per km throughout the run.

I reached Hartamas at 51' and finally finished the 30km trial run at 2:30:21. Achieved my goal of the day and must now catch up with my sleep/rest. Ciao!

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