Monday, February 07, 2005

What A 36km Run!

Started at 6am sharp. One of my buddies, Chee Chung decided to pace me this morning. We ran casually and once a while would chat about the coming KLIM. I told him how I wish the organiser would change the course of KLIM to our training course which has less traffic and a better and greener environment.

We reached Petronas station (about 10km) in Hartamas in 52'. Making a reverse, we could see so many runners enthusiatically preparing for the KLIM. After reaching the government office, Chee Chung and I bid farewell as he was going for 25km today. Thereafter, I continued my journey and ran back to Hartamas.

My condition was superb until I reached 25km. At this point, I felt my thigh was a bit heavy and stiff. As there was no water station, I started to feel dehydrated. Finally I reached Bukit Aman car park ie. 30km at 2:32', a 2 minutes off my previous timing in the 30km trial on Jan 16.

After being offered a full bottle of water by my wife, I continued and ran inside the hilly Carcosa. Initially, it was tough as my leg started to work against me. However, at the last hill, I regained my composure and got back my rhythm. I pushed harder upon reaching the National Mosque and came back at a time of 3:03:53! My average speed was 5'7" per km.

Post mortem : Need to work on the strength of the leg.

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