Thursday, February 24, 2005

Speed Work-Out

Yesterday's weather was real hot and humid. So was the Kampung Pandan Track running gangs. Most of the good runners turned up and were in high spirit!

I had my 2km warm-up run before the "main menu" of the day:

i) 3 laps fartlek @ 100m fast & 100m slow.

ii) 800m with 1st lap @ 50% effort & 2nd lap @ 90%.

iii) 3km. My split time was 1'40", 1'41", 1'41", 1'41", 1'41", 1'41", 1'41", 49". Total time : 12'35".

iv) 400 x 5. My split time was 1'38", 1'32", 1'30", 1'29", 1'19".

v) Warm down 1.6km

Total mileage = 10.6km.

Coach reminded us to load with protein from Mon to Wed and carbohydrate from Thu to Sat. Drink more water on Sat. Have a good sleep on Fri and a nap on Sat as difficulty to sleep on the eve of a marathon race is a norm. Take good care, all my friends!

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