Monday, February 21, 2005

Season Best at Hartamas

6.05am. Thomas, Adam and I started our Sunday long run. Wai Mun joined another group going to Hockey Stadium route. Three of us decided to run the 20km-Hartamas instead.

It was around 20-22 degree Celsius with slight breeze. Good for long distance running.

Thomas, our 2004 Sydney Marathon best runner with a time of 3:55:31, was leading the way. This guy is real good at hills. He would surge ahead and attacked all the hills. Adam, one of the most experienced marathoners in PACM with a PB around 3:20 just followed closely behind me. We reached Hartamas at 48'49".

Quickly taking a sip of water, I made a U-turn back and was leading all the way. My body condition was good and should be ready for the KLIM in exactly 2 weeks time. I ended my run with a SB time of 1:35:26. Average speed is 4'47".

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