Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shape Run

As the name suggested, this 10km run is really for the "out-of-shape" people like me, to participate and have some fun. So when the opportunity arose, I just got a spare BIB to run to sweat it out!

Surprisingly, even though we had cycled almost 70km yesterday, my legs still have the power to push the distance. I think I must be running under the influence of Usain Bolt - my new idol! I was the 7th person in my category to cross the finishing line. My time was 45:10, no bad for a Sunday-runner like me.

Although I was not entitled to any prize due to technical reason but what the heck, I was very satisfied with my performance! I think I'm almost ready for the Powerman. I just need to start training seriously in the next 2 months and hope to peak by November 9.

Wai Mun didn't want to let me outshine her - she also got 7th position. It's always great to have such a competitive life partner to make our life interesting, isn't it?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

2008 Adidas King Of The Road

This year's KOTR event venue was shifted to Shah Alam instead of Sunway. Nevertheless, I think overall the 2008 Adidas KOTR was well organised. It could be flawless if plain water stations were also provided (organiser provided only isotonic drink!) and distance markers were displayed.

As the entry form stated that the distance will be a 22.7km half marathon, I had mentally prepared myself that it's going to be a long race. However, the never-ending of uphills and round-abouts had really caught me by surprise! I should rename this KOTR as "Killer Of The Round-abouts".

And if this was not enough, another surprise awaited me at the finishing line - I won RM200 for my 10th placing! With a timing of 1:47:46, I believe I was really lucky today because under the normal circumstances, I would certainly be empty-handed.

To add to my joy, Wai Mun also won the same amount with a 10th placing! We celebrated our rewards at the nearby Secret Recipe after the race.