Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Christmas Island Flora and Fauna Half Marathon

4th October 2008 - Christmas we come!! We ran a different marathon here - running into the bushes, gravel road, woods and then back to the 'pain-my-ass' road again before turning back to the woods and ending at the field. Even though I was suffering badly, especially my buttock due to an injury a week before, I enjoyed this run very much as it brought us back to nature.

Although the run was delayed for an hour from the original 7am, participants did not complain much as the weather was still cooling. I can imagine if this were to happen in Malaysia, most of the runners would have already voiced their anger! Except for this minor hiccup, I think the Organiser has done a great job as a first-timer. Water stations were adequate. Distance markers were clearly displayed at every kilometre. Warm and friendly faces were there to greet us at the finishing line. A choice of burgers or fish n' chips and ample fruits were served after the race. I couldn't be asking for more except my own fitness and condition which has currently hit rock bottom! Nevertheless, I am happy to be the fifth runner to cross the finishing line in a time of 1:45:59. Every runner was presented a medal, certificate and a running vest.

Wai Mun made me (and the nation? hahaha!) proud when she came back third in the women category even with a detour of about 6km! Well, the dreamer and her day-dreaming again! Hahaha!

For additional reports and pictures, please read Wai Mun and Julie's blog.