Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rebound In Form

I'm so relief as I managed to cover about 32km this morning, the longest distance so far before the Phuket Marathon which is due to start in one month's time.

I had the company of my wife for the first 11km before we parted. I was to participate in the NB Pacesetters 15km and she has volunteered her service for the event.

I clocked 1:16:54 in the 15km event and was glad as I had the early feel of the marathon pace.

After some sips of water, I continued for another 6km.

I think I'm slowly regaining my confidence after a bad patch for a month due to the flu. I can feel that my body system is slowly but surely getting better now. Just hope I can hit top form comes June 17 in Phuket!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I was supposed to do a 30km run last Sunday. However, due to a cold and sore throat and also the rain in the morning, I cancelled the plan. Instead, I turned spectator and cheer leader for my wife as she was taking part in her 7km-MM Big Walk. Congratulations to her as she got second, trailing behind a Singaporean walker. You always make me proud of you!

Total weekly mileage for week 4 = 20km, way off target of 55km! I hope this will not haunt me later on Race Day!