Saturday, October 10, 2009

JW Cameron Highlands 12K Run

We had a good week-end getaway last Sunday whereby we went to Cameron Highlands for a 12km run.

Along the trip, we just makan, makan and makan. Our 1st stop was Bidor town where we ate the famous Pun Chun's duck herbal soup noodle and the tasty yam-cake. Remember my favourite Usain Bolt simply loves eating yam in order to run fast!

When we reached Cameron Highlands, the 1st thing I like most is its cool weather. It's simply awesome! I told Wai Mun we may settle down here when we are old and retired.

Without wasting any time, we adjourned to the T-Cafe (to be known as Lord's Cafe soon) at Tanah Rata for some scones, pancake, pies and strawberry tea for lunch. I like the decor of the cafe as it's simple yet cosy. The price is also reasonable and in fact some travellers claim its scone as the cheapest in the highland.

As if we were still not satisfied with our appetite, after an hour or two, we went for the most expensive scones in town at Ye Ole Smokehouse for an English afternoon tea. Although the decor inside the hotel cum restaurant is very exclusive and elegant, it didn't stop these two "hungry ghosts" from walking straight to the garden for an outdoor english fare! Yes, nothing could beat God's created natural beauty! We had wonderful time together enjoying the greens and flowers. Oh yes, did I mention the scones here are excellent! I would rate the Devonshire cream tea as average. In fact, I prefered the strawberry tea at T-Cafe more.

After checking into Star Regency Hotel & Apartments in Brinchang, we took a short walk to the nearby pasar malam. Most of the vendors sell almost identical farming stuff; such as the popular strawberries, vegetables, flowers, fruits, corns and honey. Flowers from Camerons...ah, I remembered the time I bought a dozen or two roses from Cameron Highlands for Wai Mun when I first court her more than 10 years ago! So, you can imagine how this lovely town has captured a spot in my heart!

We had steamboat dinner in the hotel. Ms Julie Wong, the organizer, was so thoughtful as she sponsored some mooncakes since the autumn winter festival fell on the day itself.

We called it a day after our dinner.


The morning air was cold. For the first time I didn't take any shower before a run. Ooops, sorry!

We drove to the padang (field) in front of Century Pines Resort at Tanah Rata. After a short warm-up at 7.45am, some 40 strong runners started their own journey. I believed everyone has their own target in tackling this 12km challenge. As I'm still recovering my form, I intend to use this run as a practice to improve my endurance. Needless to say, the 6km gruelling uphill from Tanah Rata to Brinchang has offered me what I need at the moment. Wai Mun did quite well as she managed to pace with me throughout the race.

Upon reaching our hotel at Brinchang, we were required to turn back to Tanah Rata which is another 6km downhill. Although it's much easier to run downhill, I was worried the slide might cause the recurrance of my leg injuries.

After 65 minutes of running, we reached the finishing line together. While Wai Mun's triumph was expected as she led all the way, I unexpectedly got 2nd placing in Men Veteran category. A gold and a silver strawberry medal added to our collection of medals now! Lovely!

Post race was some light hearted moments spent catching up with friends, exchanging pleasantries while enjoying some light breakfast at the vicinity.
Thank you to Julie Wong for a well-organised race. We have had a good time in Cameron Highlands, just like the one in Christmas Island organised by your good self. For those who are interested to take part in future races organised by Ms Julie, kindly keep a lookout on her blog. She may organise one in either Sabah or Bali next year.