Sunday, July 16, 2006

Poor Poor Seremban Half Marathon

Well, if you didn't take part in this year's SHM, you absolutely did not miss anything at all. The race has gone from bad to worst and to the extent that they cut down to just ONE water station for the 21km runners! No wonder there were 4 make-shift stalls set up by the roadside selling mineral water! What a joke! Maybe the organiser should make it clear in their Entry Form to inform runners to carry extra cash for their future races.

Thanks to the organiser of SHM, I have had a good work-out this morning from the race. They provided a training condition that you probably can't find it elsewhere - no water to quench your thirst, stinky smell from carcass in the middle of your run and the worst part was the fume from the stalled vehicles! From this kind of training - I guess I became stronger mentally but physically unhealthy! You would've guess if we will take part again in the future.

For the record, I did 1:45:02 with position no. 21, due to fewer runners I'm sure.

P/S By the way, their medals have never change one bit over the decades!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I Am Back

Adam is right - I am now back into competition. My next target will be the Putrajaya Marathon to be held on 10 September and guess what, I will be running the full distance!

Sometimes it is scary knowing that the place is so hot with little shades and wide highways. The undulating course plus the late starting time - 6am are of little help either. I can still remember how I suffered last year despite it being half the distance!

Nevertheless, I will still give it a shot to support the organizer as this will be the first time they are organizing a 42km marathon. Besides, I also have many customers-cum-friends from this administrative township.

To get the ball rolling... I took part in 10km in Ipoh last week. Despite a short one-week training, I think I did reasonably well in 45:43 which even surprised myself!

While my next warm-up race will be a 21km in Seremban next week, I hope I will be able to clock in as much mileage as possible within my busy schedule without aggravating my old injury.

Hopefully, I will be able to cross the finishing line under 4 hours in Putrajaya.

Till then, God bless me.